Our Cruise

Our Cruise

About Yacht La Pinta

Yacht La Pinta’s modern design offers plenty of style and comfort throughout its interior and exterior spaces. It is the perfect size for exploring some of the most precious and hard-to-reach places in the Galapagos Islands. Sustainable sailing is a big component of Yacht La Pinta’s operations; the vessel utilizes several measures to help safeguard the ecosystem. This Galapagos Yacht measures approximately 209 feet (64 meters) and features 24 cabins that accommodate up to 48 guests. As four of these are connecting; they are ideal for groups of families or friends traveling together.

Yacht La Pinta Highlights

Exclusive visitor sites with Yacht La Pinta at the Galapagos Islands


84% of the time, visitors traveling aboard Yacht La Pinta enjoy the benefit of exploring the national park without having to share sites with other boats.

Multiguided tours at the Galapagos Islands with Yacht La Pinta


By having as many as four expert naturalist guides as part of the crew, guests are treated to smaller expedition groups (of about 12 guests per guide) and more activity options.

Privacy and space at Yacht La Pinta


There is no shortage of contemplative and social spaces aboard Yacht La Pinta thanks to the Sun Deck, Sky Bar, natural history library, and all the quiet little nooks in between.

Exquisite meals aboard Yacht La Pinta


A Le Cordon Bleu Gastronomy Director carefully curates menus to accommodate a variety of diets, incorporating locally-sourced organic ingredients whenever possible.

Low impact on the environment with Yacht La Pinta


Lower fuel consumption is a reality thanks to modern technology integrated into the engine. Onboard water desalination and treatment systems, waste-recycling, and energy efficiency are key components that help minimize impact on the region.

Doctor onboard Yacht La Pinta


Yacht La Pinta has an onboard Medical Officer (M.D.) and an infirmary that is well equipped and available 24/7. There is no charge for consultations.

Facilities & Amenities