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Yacht La Pinta Galapagos Tours

Yacht La Pinta offers a completely safe travel experience aboard a Galapagos Expedition Yacht in the Enchanted Isles. Each cabin provides not only ample space and comfort but a spectacular view of the Galapagos Islands’ unique landscapes. The ship’s modern feel extends to its hot tub, cardio gym, and sundeck. Land and aquatic activities – from hiking and coastal exploration to kayaking, snorkeling, and even paddleboarding – are complemented by a glass-bottom boat option for curious guests wishing to remain dry. A splendid dining experience featuring delicious, healthy, and top-quality food along with tasty bar options makes the experience all the more enjoyable, whether traveling with friends, family, or by yourself.

Sailing Dates

Reasons to choose an Expedition vessel and yacht

Multilingual Naturalist Guides
Expedition vessels have multiple Naturalist Guides providing outstanding interpretation in various languages.

Doctor on Board
All vessels include a permanent medical presence, ensuring safety during remote travels.

Activity Environment
Most Galapagos sites offer diverse activities. Multiple guides allow guests to enjoy all available options.

The ideal Expedition vessel size is 40 to 50 people. It’s small and intimate but still perfectly capable and fully equipped.

Boat Stability
Expedition vessels ensure stability in tropical waters, enhancing the overall cruise experience.


Cabins on Yacht La Pinta are some of the most spacious cabins available in the Galapagos. We always look out for our guests’ safety while providing them with a highly comfortable space to rest, unwind, and recharge following an exciting day of exploration. Modern and supremely clean layouts make for cabins that are an incredibly inviting place to come back to.



Each cabin boasts a large window that offers sweeping, panoramic views of the archipelago, allowing you to feel continuously connected with the archipelago as you enjoy your roomy quarters and recharge for the next day’s activities.



Yacht La Pinta’s staff make it a point to keep the ship as clean and tidy as possible – including your cabin! A stress-free experience on an impeccable ship is always a more enjoyable one.

Cabin at Yacht La Pinta


Amenities abound: feeling at home when you’re away from home means having what you need, when you need it – even if you forgot it – all within the comfort of your own cabin.


Three spacious decks aboard Yacht La Pinta allow explorers to enjoy the Galapagos Islands in absolute comfort. There’s no shortage of cozy and ample spaces that will allow you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your time aboard our yacht.



Common spaces on Yacht La Pinta facilitate getting to know your fellow travelers. This enlightening experience can be as awe-inspiring as the spectacular views and moments you’ll share together.



From an attentive Hotel Manager and detailed-oriented staff to menus carefully curated by a Le Cordon Bleu gastronomic director, Yacht La Pinta aims to provide the most outstanding service possible.



Yacht La Pinta understands the importance of having a little space of your own, especially when traveling among a group. The ship’s many comfortable and quiet spaces are ideal for reflection.

Doctor on board: Cruise safety is vital for a great experience

We understand the value of a great experience and the vital role of feeling safe while exploring a new and remote destination. That’s why, for decades, we’ve been one of the few expedition vessels in the Galapagos Islands to feature an onboard medical officeravailable 24/7– and a fully equipped infirmary. These measures we took, and our reinforced health and safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, have allowed us to keep creating everlasting memories for our explorers!

Why Travel With Us?

Yacht La Pinta is a Galapagos Yacht for the Modern Explorer that sets itself apart thanks to:

la pinta exclusive island visit vip

Exclusive Island Visits

84% of the sites visited aboard Yacht La Pinta are not shared with any other ship.

la pinta small guided groups

Small Groups

In the Galapagos Islands, the average ratio of an excursion group is 16 guests per guide. La Pinta offers a more comfortable average of 12 guests per guide.

la pinta great coverage

Great Coverage

Yacht La Pinta’s itineraries offer a unique balance of experiences in some of the most important and not-to-miss places in the archipelago.

carbon neutral metropolitan touring

Carbon Neutral

Yacht La Pinta understands the importance of protecting and preserving the Galapagos’ ecosystems. The ship’s regularly scheduled maintenance ensures optimal operation and aims to make up for our carbon emissions.

Activities & Wildlife

Having numerous Naturalist Guides aboard allows Yacht La Pinta to offer a variety of activities through which guests can experience the islands in different and unique ways. Galapagos’ iconic species, whether on land or beneath the water’s surface, are at the heart of the experience, and there is much to experience!

Traveler Reviews

Our guests’ satisfaction is very important to us and may offer you additional insights. Here’s what they have to share:


We have exactly what you need for your adventure!

Conscious travel in the Galapagos

We are dedicated to keeping the Galapagos Islands in the most pristine condition possible to protect its wonderful ecosystems. Yacht La Pinta is keen to reuse, reduce, recycle, practice waste reduction, and treat and filter our potable water in order to minimize our carbon footprint. Also, by having a rigorous Carbon Neutral policy, we can do our part to ensure sustainable tourism in the Galapagos Islands.


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