Our Commitment: We firmly believe in treading lightly in the pristine environment of the Galápagos Islands and have pioneered various social responsibility projects in the archipelago since the 1960s.

We created the Fundación Galápagos-Ecuador in 1998 – see www.fundacionGalápagos.org. The Foundation has achieved great results over the years, and effectively applies the philosophies of global sustainable tourism criteria. Its programs focus on the following areas:

  • Coastal clean-up operations with local fishermen and local volunteers.
  • Solid-waste recycling initiatives
  • Educational programmes with local schoolchildren.
  • Support for the RELUSAN initiative, which sends burnt oil and used oil filters to the Ecuadorian mainland for appropriate disposal.
  • Working closely on joint initiatives with the Galápagos National Park and local Municipal and Provincial governments.
  • Electronically-controlled injection electricity generators.
  • Water-treatment plant for sewage water.
  • 4-stroke outboard motors.
  • 4  Pumar rubber boats for ship to land transfers
  • Special outdoor deck lights to decrease inter-island insect dispersal.
  • Solid waste & inorganic refuse classification and recycling.
  • Burned oils and by-products: shipped back to the mainland aboard on our own cargo ship.
  • Maintenance: preventive environmental action as opposed to corrective environmental action.
  • Hull paint: we use environmentally-friendly tin-free paints.
  • Organic Refuse & Garbage: we carefully separate organic refuse from other materials and then liquefy all these organic materials and dispose of just liquids in National Park-designated areas.
  • Local Purchases: we support local production in the islands by purchasing various types of vegetables, fruits, meats and other supplies.  This business practice supports local farmers and eliminates the need of shipping fresh produce from the mainland, while effectively decreasing the risk of accidental introductions of harmful species in to the Galápagos’ environment.
  • Water Bottles: for our guests’ consumption of water, we encourage guests to use our refill stations in public areas.  The use of fewer water bottles produces less solid waste. In La Pinta, we provide guests with custom refillable water bottles.

Housekeeping Department / Cabins / Public Areas

  • Towels & Linen: onboard campaign for reduction of towel use and linen change, without sacrificing upscale standards.
  • Amenity products include biodegradable toiletries, and environmentally-friendly components.
  • Cleaning Agents: all our cleaning products will be either biodegradable or will include environmentally-friendly components.
  • All empty containers will be either reused or recycled.
  • Faucet Fixtures: fixtures include built-in aerators for efficiency in water consumption.
  • Indoor Lighting: energy efficient lighting systems are used throughout our vessels.
  • Outdoor lighting: use of light bulbs which preclude unwanted insect dispersal.
  • Anti-insect film installed on all windows on all vessels.