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Tagus Cove Aboard Yacht La Pinta

tagus cove aboard la pinta
Hidden like the perfect little nook that it was for pirates, whalers and explorers alike, Tagus Cove aboard La Pinta is a visitor’s delight. With whispers of its past that span decades, even centuries, physically etched and painted across the cliffs throughout the bay, this relatively small cove enchants with its historical, physical and wildlife characteristics.

Tagus Cove Aboard La Pinta: A Place of Tranquility and Gorgeous Vistas

The exploration of Tagus Cove begins with a brief tour along the rocky shores aboard our panga boat. It’s very likely you’ll manage to spot Galapagos penguins or flightless cormorants lingering around the coast (or maybe even hunting for fish right below the water!). Following this, the tour will have a dry landing at the base of a steep trail (which includes several wooden steps) that leads up to cliffs that border Darwin Lake. It was at this lake that Darwin took a handful of water into his mouth before spitting it right out, thinking it was fresh water. It turns out the lake remains as salty as ever. Moving along the trail further along leads you to a rocky viewpoint that offers a sweeping vista of the majestic Darwin Volcano as it rises up and looms to the east while, off in the distance, the coastline of Isabela cuts up along the edge of the island. tagus cove aboard la pinta Whalers and other ships that were passing by found this cove to be a nice little pit stop throughout their travels, enjoying their time here so much that they saw it fit to etch their presence onto the cliffs surrounding the bay. White paint draws the eyes to the facades of the cliffs themselves, letting visitors read out the names of numerous boats (sometimes even the year they were there) that travelling through here.

Penguins and Flightless Cormorant’s Linger on the Cliffs

After the hike, you’ll get a chance to partake in either kayak or snorkelling activities that are held throughout the cove. Snorkelling allows you to swim along the steep cliffs of the cove while floating over an array of starfish that dot the coral and rocky reef. Sea turtles might be found swimming around and pecking at the rocks for some nutritious algae. Up above on the rocks, you might even manage to have up close encounters with the flightless cormorants that will stare at you amusedly before waddling away or diving into the water and swimming off. If you’re lucky, you might even have penguins torpedo past you at full speed, too! tagus cove aboard la pinta Kayaking allows for a similar experience, but you’ll get to remain dry while simultaneously being able to peer down into the depths of the ocean and at the terrain while searching for the iconic creatures of the Galapagos. For a full run-down of what you’ll spot at this visitor site during Yacht La Pinta’s Western Islands itinerary, be sure to check out our Big15 list of iconic species. tagus cove aboard la pinta
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