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New Year in the Galapagos Islands Aboard Yacht La Pinta

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New Year’s is an event many people look forward to. Some want to spend it with their families, others with friends and, every once in a while, some even want to spend it alone. One thing’s for sure: it is a time to reflect on what we are leaving behind and the lessons we’ve learned as we start to look forward to what’s coming. Even though the New Year is but a change in the calendar, we all need an excuse to start over, to think of new projects and dreams, and refuel our energy tanks. And if there is one place in the world that is appropriate for this sort of renewal, then it’s the Galapagos Islands! Step out of your comfort zone, observe the most unique animals species from just a few feet away, swim through turquoise waters and soak in the most luxurious kind of adventure you will ever have! Aboard Yacht La Pinta, one of Galapagos most renowned expedition vessels, objectives and aspirations find new meanings all the time. For this recent New Year’s celebrations, our guests celebrated the New Year alongside our crew members in the beautiful Enchanted Islands. Here is a sneak peek of how the celebrations unravelled and what you should expect if you decide to spend a New Year in the Galapagos Islands! If it’s not on your bucket list, we highly suggest that you include it!


Some of the Galapagos’ endemic and native species are known all around the world, but a less-known fact to the common visitor is just how unafraid they are of humans! Sometimes, this means some of the most curious ones will get very close to you, so close that you might even be tempted to touch them (just remember it is forbidden by the Galapagos National Park to do so)! You will be close enough to feel nature in its purest form and get some amazing photographs while you are at it. Galapagos animals are known to be very photogenic! If you want to know which are the most iconic species you should look for during your expedition, check out our GALAPAGOS BIG 15 list and make sure you see them all!

Otherworldy Landscapes

Because of their volcanic origin, the Galapagos are home to many impressive views. Geological formations such as lava tunnels, craters, uplifts, crevasses and cliffs leave visitors in awe, not only on land but also below water. On land, during the month of December, the vegetation starts to show its greenest shades as it announces the beginning of the hot season. Across the sea, the residual presence of the cold currents allows visitors to swim with some interesting aquatic fauna. So take out your camera and get ready to snap the most unforgettable pictures!

TRAVELER’S TIP: bring extra memory cards, we guarantee you’ll run out faster than you think!

A Luxury Expedition Vessel

During a trip – even more so if it’s to a distant location – little details can make all the difference. Making sure that your basic needs are met is one thing, but looking for that little extra something can transform an exotic adventure into a truly memorable experience! This New Year in Galapagos, our guests found out how much those details matter: impeccable service, gourmet food, well-thought out expeditions and luxurious rooms are the thing to look for. Needless to say, our La Pinta crew was delighted to give our guests the time of their lives with a special New Year celebration that we are sure they will never forget.

cerro dragon on santa cruz island

Cerro Dragon on Santa Cruz Island: A Testament to Conservation Efforts in Galapagos

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Cerro Dragon on Santa Cruz Island is a beautiful visitor site that can be explored on Yacht La Pinta’s Western Islands itinerary. The island itself offers a great location to experience sunsets and is also a remarkable testament to one of the many conservation efforts that the Galapagos National Park has implemented throughout the archipelago in order to help combat the presence of invasive species. Read More

guy fawkes

Guy Fawkes in Galapagos: Remember, remember the ‘Finch’ of November…

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Note on our blog title: our ‘finch’ is a play on the words that were used in the poem that was written in honor of the Gunpowder Plot (seen below).

fifth of november poemWhen it comes to the 5th of November (aka. Guy Fawkes Day), the images that tend to come to mind are those of: the face of Guy Fawkes, British Parliament, explosive materials and maybe even that slice of Hollywood that was V for Vendetta. However, seldom thought of is the idea of Guy Fawkes in Galapagos. Was he ever there? No. But did he manage to somehow have a group of islands named after him? Yes indeed! Read More

Darwin in Galapagos

Charles Darwin in Galapagos: The HMS Beagle leaves the Port of Callao, Bound for the Enchantes Isles

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The voyage of the HMS Beagle is now around four years old. Charles Darwin has jumped to the official position of on board Naturalist, after Robert McCormick quit the position back in Rio de Janeiro. It is now September 7th, 1835 and, just about a month ago, Darwin writes to his sister Catherine: “I am very anxious to see the Galapagos Islands – I think both the Geology and Zoology will not fail in being very interesting.”
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Why we don't visit some islands of the Galapagos. Photography: Francisco “Pancho” Dousdebés, Galapagos Expert

Why we don’t visit some islands of the Galapagos

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The Galapagos archipelago is a big place. However, within its 133,000 km2, distributed among 20 islands and islets, only 3% is inhabited and 3% is open to tourism. But don’t fret! This doesn’t mean any less of a Galapagos experience! In fact, some of the best Galapagos adventures follow well-thought out, hand-picked itineraries. These usually include some of the archipelago’s best visitor sites and most iconic Big15 species while allowing guests to feel as if they are the first to step foot on the islands.
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La Pinta Darwin Day celebrations included lectures about Darwin's life and evolutionary theory.

Famous People That Have Visited Galapagos

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The Galapagos Islands tend to procure images of a whole new world, replete with foreign life that counters our common understanding of organisms and their behavior in the wild. Surreal and freshly-made volcanic landscapes serve as the canvas for these species to paint over with their eccentric textures, remarkable body forms and quirky yet almost friendly behavioral patterns. Upon reading such a description, it might come as no surprise that hundreds of thousands of visitors have come to visit the islands over the past decades in hopes of believing what their imagination has conjured up. Many of these have travelled from around the world to experience it with their own set of senses, some of them as famous as the people we’ve heard about in the news, seen in movies or read about in our history and biology classes.
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flightless cormorant evolution

The Evolutionary Mystery of the Flightless Cormorant in Galapagos

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We’ve all dreamt of being able to fly. It’s an longing that probably originated the moment we looked up and marvelled at the birds as they soared across the great blue sky, wondering what it must be like to admire the world from high above. Human imagination and science have both given us the ability to do such a thing, and these have fortunately never been taken it away from us. But what if evolution took that away from the very birds that inspired us to fly? For them, would the fall from grace be as blunt and backwards as it sounds? In the Galapagos, we can visually experience such a case in nature. It seems that only a select group of cormorants in the entire world have been picked for such a peculiar adaptation, and these are the flightless cormorants (Phalacrocorax harrisi) of the Galapagos. In this blog, we briefly sift through the different theories that have been presented to try decipher the mystery behind these cormorants and their long-forgotten ability to fly.
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Yacht La Pinta

Nautical Miles vs Miles

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Measure, Measure, Measure…

One of the greatest things about travel is that it requires planning. Sometimes, this planning involves packing, logistics, flights, decisions, and much more; in fact, that is the beauty of travel. A doses of the unknown is also welcome when travelling, as it brings a feeling of exploration and adventure. However, nothing beats the importance of planning a trip when it comes to calculating distances. Some will measure this in kilometres, others in miles, and others will measure travel in terms of weeks. No matter how you measure a trip, one thing is for sure: calculating the distance between point A and point B, and anything in between, is where the essence of travel lies. But, here comes the best part. What if I travel on water and land? Will it make any difference? Explorers back in the day figured this out, and designed a system to measure distance in open ocean, and a different one to measure distance on land. But, why two measuring units? There’s very interesting science behind this, and you’ll love it!

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