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La Pinta Expedition Journal: Santa Fe Island in Galapagos – Sharks vs Sea Lions!

sea lions vs sharks in galapagos
Today’s visit was a walk on the beautiful beaches and trails over on Santa Fe Island in Galapagos. Santa Fe Island in Galapagos offers guests the exciting chance to see numerous colonies of sea lions. They serve as quite the tourist attraction for each of our guests that opt for experiencing the Galapagos aboard our Eastern Galapagos Islands itinerary. Often times, guests will find plenty of young sea lions playing around among them, be it swimming, jumping or playing with the seaweed, making it all seem like a kindergarten playground.

santa fe island in galapagos sea lion colonySanta Fe Island in Galapagos: A Treat for Travelers!

The best part about coming to these islands is that we practically always get to see something new and impressive. On this particular day, the shores of one of the beaches on Santa Fe Island in Galapagos were a hangout spot for sharks. Each shark in this group must have measured up to around 1 meter (3.2 feet) in length. Things started to get very interesting when one of these sharks approached the sea lions that were hanging out by the shore along the beach.

Sea Lions vs Sharks in Galapagos!

alpha male sea lion galapagosEach colony is home to at least one dominant adult male sea lion, often referred to as the Alpha Sea Lion. This Alpha is the de facto “owner” of the colony and protects its territory from the numerous predators and/or attempts by other male sea lions to claim the area. As the sharks happened to be incredibly close to the Alpha’s territory on this occasion, the Alpha saw no choice but to mark its territory by making intimidating noises and even attempting to attack the rear fins of the sharks. All of this to protect his herd from the possible, carnivorous threat of the sharks. sea lions vs sharks in galapagosAccording to Daniel Moreano, our guide, the sharks in this area often feed on sea lions. Sea lions sometimes can even be seen with shark bites which, depending on the area of ​​the wound, can cause scars, incapacities or the death of the animal. All-in-all, it’s things like this that make the Galapagos Islands a truly one-of-a-kind destination that’s open to everyone!
Marcelo Izquierdo

About Marcelo Izquierdo

Medical Officer aboard Yacht La Pinta. I'm from Guayaquil and love photography, especially taking pictures of nature and animals while walking with guests on the trails of the Galapagos Islands. I’m also a part-time missionary during my time off and have the privilege of helping other people improve their lives through counseling and comfort. I also am in charge of taking pictures and managing social networks for the Children's Ministry in Ecuador.