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Living it up, Galapagos style

By September 17, 2014News

Galapagos style is not your usual holiday, nor are the Galapagos Islands your usual destination. You can try and treat them as such, but they will probably get the better of you. Because at some point, of course, you may imagine the gorgeous beaches, you may see yourself sitting back on a sun lounger and feeling the refreshing ocean breeze while reading a book or drinking a delicious cocktail. And during Galapagos Islands cruises, of course, you’ve got all of that… but none of “that” is the true essence of the Galapagos tour adventure.

Galapagos stylePenguins in the Galapagos. It all starts at the break of dawn. Now, vacation is about sleeping in… and maybe you’ll prefer doing that. But out there, in the early morning hours, you may discover a sea turtle laying her eggs on a golden sand beach. And maybe your idea of a vacation doesn’t involve walking up a cliff, but out there, after an hour’s walk, you may witness the spectacular love dance of the albatross!

So yes, a Galapagos cruise is about discovery, about unique experiences with remote nature, experiences that when you’re out there you’ll feel just like a entered a hidden realm. it is pretty close to what Darwin actually saw on his journey almost 190 years ago! And that is exaclty what makes it so unique and exciting! Take the real Galapagos style… step onto the hidden world amidst the oceans and off the comforts of your holiday expectations!

Yacht La Pinta

About Yacht La Pinta

Yacht La Pinta is the result of the company’s five decades of experience in the Galapagos: she’s a distillation of the wish lists generated by captains, expedition leaders, hotel managers and guests over many years. Accommodating 48 guests, with ample social areas, an observation deck towards the bow, wrap-around windows, Hot Tub, cardio-gym, kayaks, glass-bottom boat, sun deck, sun loungers… ideal for travellers looking for a sophisticated, upscale experience of the islands.

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