It is hard to plan a big family vacation.
Our experts will accompany you during the whole process to program a Galapagos private yacht charter.
We are going to show you how easily it will be to charter our yacht for your special friends and/or a family event.

How can travel be arranged in the Galapagos Islands?

Exploring the Galapagos Islands is one of nature’s most rewarding travel experiences. Not only are you in contact with the unique and bizarre wildlife of the archipelago, but also in touch with the unusual and stunning landscapes which foster an incomparable sense of excitement. All islands, visitor sites, and wildlife are so varied that the expedition activities need to be adjusted differently for each new day. I’s how we make the most of our time in the Galapagos Islands, and as a result – not a single dull moment will be had while we explore the archipelago together.
Now, the way that most tours work in the archipelago is rather simple: you either come as an individual traveler (the industry calls this FIT – fully independent traveler), which means you’re not attached to a group; or you come as part of an organized group with a pre-arranged agenda. Both options are great for exploring, and the realities of each will determine which option is a better one.

Can I put a group together and charter the vessel?

Yacht La Pinta is readily available for private chartering and, while there are some differences between small group-bookings and chartering the whole vessel, the benefits are equally unique.
One of the less typical manners of exploring the islands is by having the whole group follow a common interest or is part of a large family. Having a large family or a whole group that’s focused on one thing in particular isn’t all that common. But in such cases, the idea of chartering the entire vessel actually ends up working out much better than booking individually or as a large group.
For years, alumni institutions have chartered our vessel, but we now believe that this option needs to be accessible to direct consumers as well. Selecting such an option means that there is no need to break the ice and get to know others on the ship in order to see who clicks with whom. Your adventure start with familiar people from the very moment you begin the voyage. Chartering a vessel means that congeniality is set by the default.
… One of the greatest advantages of a charter vessel is that the group will often be homogeneous do to their being all family members, friends, or a combination of both.
The Expedition Leader –
Or how can you make the most out of what the islands’ and vessel’s have to offer?
Another great benefit is that you can customize some of the daily outings with your Expedition Leader. On some charters, for example, we’ve had a group of early risers go out for a hike, and then had the rest of the guests join them at the beach for water activities later on. While the expedition needs to follow the assigned itinerary by the Galapagos National Park:
It is only on chartered departures that we can be much more flexible than usual.

There are plenty of benefits when chartering. Here’s some more…

Good reasons to travel together to an unforgettable destination:
Special-celebrations-in-GalapagosSpecial celebrations
Family-events-in-GalapagosFamily events
Birthdays-in-GalapagosBirthdays, or a combination of all of these!
These are also some great reasons for gaining a better understanding of when chartering a vessel makes more sense. These special celebrations can be customized in all kinds of ways in order to live up to the importance of the event. If a family, for instance, has:- A good number of kids graduating and – A special wedding anniversary, or even an engagement event.

Why not celebrate all these events in one memorable place like Galapagos?

Of course, the charter rate, does bring another set of substantial savings when divided per person. This makes the whole trip not only more affordable, but more enticing from the very start.
Flexible Activities When On A Yacht – Does it matter?
A very important benefit of chartering a vessel is having the flexibility to plan certain activities with the Hotel Manager. A special cocktail, special speeches by some family members, thematic parties, and even special announcements can all be a part of your charter. Yacht La Pinta has 24 spacious cabins, some of which are interconnected, (and all of them with great panoramic views). Every cabin is located on one deck, so all voyage explorers are lodged right on the same level. Eight-medium sized families can easily fill up the vessel, so the idea of chartering the vessel for 48 guests works beautifully when you consider the idea of a charter. If you think about it, finding 48 explorers is not hard at all.
Guests - Yacht La Pinta

What is the Best Part of a Galapagos Private Yacht Charter?

One thing is true about private chartering a vessel: to really access all the aforementioned benefits, your commitment to purchasing said charter needs to be planned well in advance. Chartering a whole yacht simply does not work as a last-minute option. Instead, it needs to be organized with more time than is usually required for an ordinary booking. This allows the operator to reserve your desired dates right away. The advantage here is the options for your dates much more available than those travelers that are coming solo. We recommend booking att least 6-9 months prior to the sailing date. We offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to the down payments  and the remaining payments.

Exploration Itineraries Are the Best Way to Know These Islands What’s the real story?

Last, but not least, you will have a crew ratio of 3:2 at your service and ready to make this voyage an unforgettable experience. The crew of Yacht La Pinta is ready to turn your itinerary into a wonderful way of getting to know these islands well. You can choose exploring Galapagos between itineraries that consist of 5, 7 or 9 days. All of these have great coverage of the famous BIG15 group of iconic species.

Look at our Galapagos Islands charter itineraries options on the map below:

Galapagos Operation Map

The Galapagos Eastern Islands

This 5-day voyage highlights the eastern islands of the archipelago. It examins the older terrain of the archipelago while exploring the nesting colony of the Galapagos Albatrosses (April-December), the only nesting location for the three species of boobies, and (the always awesome) land iguanas found on both South Plaza and Santa Fe (an island endemic).

The Galapagos Northern Islands

This 5-day voyage highlights the northern islands of the archipelago. It consists somewhat of newer rocks, while exploring the nesting colonies of frigate birds and red-footed boobies, plus a chance to see the Galapagos penguins. In addition, it offers guests the opportunity to experience the famous Pinnacle Rock on Bartolome Island and a recent lava flow over on Sullivan Bay. You’ll also get to see the Galapagos giant tortoises up in their wild and natural environment found in the highlands.

The Galapagos Western Islands

This 7-day voyage highlights the western islands of the archipelago. Young rock will be everywhere as you get to explore remarkable sites that experience the upwelling waters of volcanic substrate that also happen to be where the flightless cormorant thrives along the volcanic shores. Unique volcanic landscapes are seen here, and Urbina Bay gives you the chance to walk on an area that uplifted from the bottom of the ocean as recently as 1954. Flamingos are seen on this itinerary, and a touch of human history is experienced over at Post Office Bay on Floreana Island.
That’s not all…
The merging of two itineraries gives you not only a longer program, but also maximizes your time in Galapagos as you travel between distant corners of the archipelago! Inquire specifically about this option for more details.