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Galapagos cruises inspire!

By September 15, 2014News

Galapagos cruises inspire! It’s almost daily that you read on the internet that somewhere in the world, someone was inspired by a Galapagos cruise they recently participated in. People blog about their adventures, share their pictures of their trip, teachers stick the Galapagos Islands in their syllabus, the Galapagos become a theme at a local town fair, and a recent one I read on the internet just a couple of days ago from a zookeeper and her husband who embarked on a Galapagos cruise some days past: they revamped their zoo’s entire Galapagos tortoise installation with their own money. It must have cost a fortune!

A tour of the Galapagos Islands inspires. It inspires scientific thought, the art of observation and interpretation of the world around us. It incites environmental thought, making us aware of our ability, as human beings, to impact the world around us and more often than not, especially when we are not conscious of the fact, in ways that are detrimental to our surroundings.

A GalapagGalapagos-Cruises-Inspiresos cruise inspires a different outlook on time and space, and the world… it takes you away from your daily life perhaps more poignantly than any other destination. For starters, you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! The sky is larger here, the sea is more expansive; the earth is fresher, in geological time, it is a mere toddler inching out of its ocean home. You notice what it is like to live on “animal time”… you see first hand the creatures on earth that historically have least been exposed to humanity, and the result is most evident (something that is, by the way, completely unique in our m odern world), when they come to you, when they are not afraid of you, when they treat you as what you are on this Earth, a mere visitor.

How could that not inspire? To book a tour to the Galapagos Islands is to allow yourself a moment in your life to be truly inspired by nature at its purest, so you can then look back upon the world you live in.

May I ask now, for those of you who’ve been (and for those of you who haven’t) what other ways do the Galapagos Islands inspire?

Yacht La Pinta

About Yacht La Pinta

Yacht La Pinta is the result of the company’s five decades of experience in the Galapagos: she’s a distillation of the wish lists generated by captains, expedition leaders, hotel managers and guests over many years. Accommodating 48 guests, with ample social areas, an observation deck towards the bow, wrap-around windows, Hot Tub, cardio-gym, kayaks, glass-bottom boat, sun deck, sun loungers… ideal for travellers looking for a sophisticated, upscale experience of the islands.

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