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How Active or Relaxed Should a Galapagos Holiday Be? – Tips on How to Decide

By December 22, 2016News
Galapagos activities

With so many Galapagos activities, you may want to plan out your vacation as carefully as possible. You’ll need to decide between quiet or adventurous activities as you explore these beautiful islands. You can do all or none; it’s your holiday anyway.  Just know that an expedition will inspire you to always want to do more.

Deciding Galapagos Activities

The Galapagos Islands is a remote group of tropical volcanic islands and famous for their unique wildlife. This is why visitors from around the globe tend to put this destination on their bucket list. You can’t just plan your trip with just a couple of clicks, because there are countless Galapagos activities and things that must be considered before committing to a final decision. Before you start your vacation, you’ll need to decide how active you want this holiday to be. Looking deeply at all these options will let you create the perfect trip.

  1. Survey Your Expedition Party

One of the easiest ways to decide between activity types is by taking a look at your expedition companions. A group of 20-year-olds will probably want a more adventurous time compared to several seniors exploring their bucket-list options. Personal desires will often dictate the type of Galapagos activities as well. In reality, almost anyone can enjoy these islands because of the many excursions available in the area. Some visitors choose to sit and watch the wildlife while others remain active all day by scuba diving or snorkeling along the shore.

Prince Philip Steps, Genovesa Island

Most walks are accessible for the majority of visitors. Prince Philip Steps, Genovesa Island.

  1. Evaluate the Time of Year

Visitors travel to the Galapagos at almost any time of year as the tropical climate keeps the temperatures mild to intensely warm. When winter sets in the northern hemisphere, the islands develop a balmy tropical climate, and it is aptly named the hot season (Dec-May). This means the islands will be hot and humid, and the water temperature will stay about 80°F (25°C). Island outings are scheduled early in the morning in order to find the best wildlife viewing conditions. When the northern hemisphere holds its summer months, the islands enter what’s known as the dry season (Jun-Nov). Here the islands pick up some wind coming from the southeast and the waters chill a bit with temperatures oscillating between 68°F-72°F (18°C-22°C). Wildlife remains very active at this time of the year, since most sea-depending species will reproduce right at this time. Days are not scorching hot, but rather dry and mild. Truly, there is no “bad” time to explore Galapagos.

  1. Consider the Occasion

There are many reasons to celebrate while in the Galapagos Islands. It could be someone’s birthday, a graduation gift, a family get-together, wedding anniversary, or a surprise holiday gift for your most significant one. If you’re traveling with young children as a family dream vacation, divide out your activities so that everyone can enjoy the islands. The children may have a day dedicated to their needs, whereas the next day is for the adults’ enjoyment. In most cases, your occasion will be a celebratory one, so you can always make this fact known to your Hotel Manager and Expedition Leader. They might mention your occasion to the group so that everyone can congratulate or commend you on the day.

  1. Explore Your Interests

You may have settled on the longest cruise available in the Galapagos, but there are so many activities that you may have a tough time deciding which ones to try. Here’s a very good reason why the longer you stay, the more you will do. Narrow down your options by simply exploring your interests. If Darwin’s finches are fascinating to you, spend a day looking for these amazing creatures. The islands aren’t meant to be rushed through at a record pace, and you want to take your time to enjoy every aspect of their beauty. Concentrate on your interests and apply them to your trip for the best outcome. Apply this same filter to aquatic adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, beachcombing, and more.

Punta Suarez

Liking wildlife is one thing, but observing wildlife is a whole different thing. Punta Suarez, Española Island.

  1. Understand Activity Availability

As you decide on the right Galapagos activities, remember that others are doing the same. Be proactive about your potential excursions and sign up for them as soon as possible. You’ll have everything in order when you prioritize these activities first and concentrate on other diversions afterward. Less popular excursions are usually available as you hop onto the island. Be flexible if your chosen activity isn’t available. Another experience may be even better than you realize. This is why an expedition cruise is a really great option, since all these activities will be readily available for all as the trip unfolds.

Gardner Bay, Espanola Island

So much to do! Should I go snorkeling or stay at the beach watching the sea lions? Gardner Bay, Española Island.

  1. Pick a Reputable Transport to the Islands

A smart way to decide between Galapagos activities is by picking out a reputable cruise company. You’ll want to have a ship that takes you comfortably out to the islands while escorting you between the lands as the sun sets. Metropolitan Touring can help you pick out excursions that are perfect for your needs. They may even have Naturalist Guides that can help you decide on a more unique activity, such as looking at the native plant life or go birdwatching and find most Darwin’s finches. Also, do inquire about any environmental stewardship initiatives of your chosen cruise company.

  1. Be Open to Spontaneity

Although you want to have a well-planned vacation, be open to some spontaneity. You may not be signed up for one desired activity, but there are so many others that might peak your interests. You may realize that the new activity was more exciting or appropriate than you first thought. If not, you can always change the activity. Your on board Expedition Team can help you set up an appropriate change so that your trip continues to be a memorable one. There are numerous cases of visitors who learned how to snorkel in Galapagos, and became snorkelers for life.

  1. Split Up the Group

You may be traveling with a large group, which requires some organization when activity choices arise. Consider splitting up the group on occasion in order to appease everyone’s interests. One group can meet a Galapagos penguin along the shore while another group snorkels with the sharks and other sea life. At the end of the day, the groups can share stories that will only encourage more exploration the next day. Excursions that seemed too extreme before may be tempting when there’s a firsthand account of the experience.

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