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Happy Darwin Day from Yacht La Pinta & Metropolitan Touring!

darwin day 2018 in galapagos
Yacht La Pinta, alongside Metropolitan Touring, is proud to be celebrating this year’s Darwin Day 2018 in Galapagos on the 12th of February! Our natural selection hero was born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12th, 1809. The worldwide celebration of Darwin Day celebrates the birth of a man who changed the course of modern day thinking.

Darwin Day 2018: Recognizing a Highly Important Character in Galapagos History

darwin day 2018 origin of speciesIt’s a bit of a misnomer to say that Darwin’s theory of evolution was birthed in Galapagos, when in fact, the archipelago itself simply served as the seed for an idea that would, eventually, blossom into something that would take the world by storm. In fact, it wouldn’t be for another 24 years after his visit to Galapagos that Charles Darwin would finally consolidate his ideas and conjectures, and publish them his seminal piece “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.” Surprisingly, Darwin wouldn’t even use the term “survival of the fittest” until the 5th edition of his piece (after Herbert Spencer first coined the term)! Charles Darwin Day 2018 His visit to the Galapagos occurred thanks to his being a special crew member aboard the HMS Beagle, which itself was led by Captain Robert Fitzroy. As they journeyed across the globe together, Darwin began collecting numerous plant and animal samples from the places they visited along the way. This aided scientists at the time (and to this day) in delimiting the precise categories for the respective worlds of both plant and animal species.  Such a voyage had a profound impact on Darwin, due to the immense biodiversity that he witnessed throughout the journey. The trip itself (1831-1836) led to another masterpiece of his: The Voyage of the HMS Beagle.
species collection darwin day

This was a common practice held among naturalists at the time, as they often wished to experience and collect the largest amount of rare species to take back home with them. In modern days, the idea of our BIG15 group of iconic species somewhat captures the essence of documenting what unique and iconic species can be seen.  Quite naturally, these species can only be delivered through carefully-planned expedition itineraries.

A Monumental Epiphany: That’s What Darwin Day 2018 is About!

Upon his return to the motherland, Darwin finally began the tedious process of organizing, classifying and categorizing the numerous samples he had collected. It was through this process of curating that Darwin gradually began to develop his theory via the observations he made throughout this process. darwin day in galapagos 2018 In the face of religious values that were fervently held throughout Great Britain at the time, Darwin himself questioned the veracity of his potentially “blasphemous” scientific conclusions. Nevertheless, as the implications of Darwin’s theories diffused throughout the scientific community, they slowly managed to transform a few people’s – and then the world’s – way of looking at natural history and humanity’s role in it. It was, in many ways, the start of a new age in human thought. The best way to honour Charles Darwin on this very special day? By celebrating it in the Galapagos, of course! What is also interesting is that, on this same day, but back in 1832, Ecuador claimed official sovereignty of the Galapagos Islands; and this new territory was annexed as an insular territory. Previously, the islands had no ownership. Join us in the exploration of this beautiful place aboard anyone of our Galapagos cruises when you book with us today! Aboard Yacht La Pinta and our sister Yacht Isabela II, we’ve even lined up a few events for our guests as part of our “10 Days with Charles Darwin” festivities, which includes:
  • A series of natural history lectures that showcase the works of Charles Darwin
  • A very special lecture on the 12th of February about the man himself.
  • “Charles Darwin Factoids” will be daily shared at our bulletin boards and also while exploring selected locations.
  • Special wake-up call on the actual birthday of Charles Darwin.
  • Photos, cocktails and specials that will be offered at our “Bar-win” aboard each vessel.
All our itineraries will cover special locations where Charles Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands back in 1835.  Such special places allow modern explorers to understand the hardships these expeditions had to go through, but they also let everybody see the importance of preserving natural and cultural heritages for humankind. The works of Charles Darwin live on, and the Galapagos Islands may well be the only odd and dry tropical place that gave him the strongest foundation for supporting the grand idea of natural selection.
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