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May 2016


ADVANTAGES OF “AL FRESCO DINING” – let’s meet up on deck

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Yacht La Pinta offers rewarding expedition gastronomy and nothing beats savoring a meal on the top deck

Before arriving in Galapagos, many explorers wonder what is the food like on an expedition vessel? Will it be rice and beans and maybe steak? It turns out that high-quality expedition vessels deliver an extraordinary food experience. Nutritious breakfasts with large amounts of tropical fruits, cereals, and protein-rich options are available, lavish lunch buffets, and a-la-carte dinners. Nothing tops, however, the chance of having a meal “al fresco” on the top deck. This is a great way of connecting with other natural elements such as air, sun, landscapes, sounds and smells.

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THREE DIMENSIONAL VISION IN GALAPAGOS – meet the owls of the Galapagos Islands

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Due to their isolation, no land carnivore made it to the islands by their own means, but together with Galapagos hawks, two owl species are found here…

It seems obvious that visitors ask themselves, why are there so few predators in the islands if there’s so much to eat? One reason is for sure isolation since the islands are about 1,000 Km from the near-est point in western South America. Another reason is perhaps the selective pressures when estab-lishing a new species. One thing is true, though: three land bird species qualify as true “birds of prey”. One is the Galapagos hawk, a buzzard-like bird, and surprisingly there are two species of owls: the short-eared owl and the barn owl.

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