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October 2015


Pupping Season in Galapagos – pups sea lion, pups everywhere

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Pups sea lion everywhere

The arrival of the coolest tropical waters brings something really cool to see…

As the southeast trade winds push the Humboldt Current along the western coast of South America, arriving at tropical latitudes implies mixing with other masses of ocean currents, as well as physical forces, and as a result they become the powerful South Equatorial Current (also known as SEC). Not only these waters are bringing cooler temperatures to the geographically-tropical Galápagos Islands, but they are also blooming with life as plankton thrives well in cooler temperatures, and salinity of the water is greater. This surplus of food allows species depending on the ocean’s productivity to thrive well, but most important, to reproduce efficiently in order to maintain its biodiversity relevancy.

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Galapagos Islands - Expedition November 3 - 7, 2014

Galapagos We were part of a small tour group (40 people)

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We were part of a small tour group (40 people) to the Galapagos Islands arranged through Metropolitan Touring. This eco-friendly company is absolutely first class! We started our tour with a 2 night stay at the lovely Casa Gangotena in the Old City section of Quito (see our hotel review) and had a wonderful walking tour of Quito led by Ramiro, a warm, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic guide. Cecilia, our tour “manager”, was with us in Quito and during our 7 night stay in the Galapagos aboard the Yacht La Pinta, and graciously coordinated every aspect of the trip.

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