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Darwin in Galapagos

Charles Darwin in Galapagos: The HMS Beagle leaves the Port of Callao, Bound for the Enchantes Isles

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The voyage of the HMS Beagle is now around four years old. Charles Darwin has jumped to the official position of on board Naturalist, after Robert McCormick quit the position back in Rio de Janeiro. It is now September 7th, 1835 and, just about a month ago, Darwin writes to his sister Catherine: “I am very anxious to see the Galapagos Islands – I think both the Geology and Zoology will not fail in being very interesting.”
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frigatebirds chicks galapagos

Great and Magnificent Frigatebirds and Their Chicks: It’s All in the Family

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Huge and majestic, frigatebirds in the Galapagos are often seen passively dominating the skies, hovering in the gentle carriage of a strong breeze as they survey the world below them. Their huge wings and jet-black colour often make them seem rather ominous, but these gentle giants are actually the most endearing of parents when it comes to their chicks. Given their frequency to being in the air so often, getting a chance to see these giant birds down on the ground with their tiny chicks is actually a pretty special sight to behold in the Galapagos. Read More

galapagos flightless cormorant courtship nesting

Forces of Attraction: Flightless Cormorant Courtship & Nesting Behavior

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A peculiar pair of wings flap frantically into the air without giving any signs of flight, shedding golden drops of water up into the deep blue sky that covers a setting sun. The Flightless Cormorant – an endemic species of the Galapagos whose only homes in the entire world are Fernandina and the western coast of Isabela – is one of the more remarkable evolutionary sights that visitors get to behold when they visit the enchanted isles. Their vestigial wings are but a visual echo of what once served a more airborne purpose and their progeny are but a continuation of that same echo. In order to perpetuate their unique species, the flightless cormorant undergoes a rather intricate series of steps and rituals that add to its captivating mystique.
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marriage proposal at sea

The Evolution of the Heart: A Marriage Proposal at Sea

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Yacht La Pinta: 16 – 20 March: A Marriage Proposal at Sea

Prehistoric-looking creatures, raw volcanic earth spewing plumes of hot smoke, and blazing sunsets raging overhead. There’s something about the enchanted isles that brings us closer to the root of our existence on this beautiful planet. Theories abound for how evolution got us here, for why certain species tend to have monogamous pairing while others mysteriously choose to die alone. But as humans, the question always lingers: how would we have gotten to where we are today, if not for our relationships with one another?
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Best Bird Sightings in the Galapagos

Tips for the Best Bird Sightings in the Galapagos

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The Galapagos Islands straddle the equator approximately 600 miles west from the coast of Ecuador. Twenty islands islands, over 50 islets and some 250 rocks comprise this remote archipelago. What makes the Galapagos unique is the unbelievable biodiversity found in the islands. A delicate ecosystem comprised of plants and animals makes the best bird sightings in the Galapagos. Thousands of miles of open ocean provide as many as 1,000,000 seabirds with a place of their own. Read More

First Settlers in the Galapagos

First Settlers in the Galapagos

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The first settlers in the Galapagos that arrived to the islands played an intense game of fate and luck. Surviving under the hot equatorial sun without food or fresh water for up to weeks at a time was certainly not for everyone. However, when they got to the islands, neither was there a five-star hotel waiting. The introduction of life to these barren volcanic islands was a slow and extremely complex process, as it didn’t just have to arrive, but also find the appropriate habitat to survive and reproduce in a land made from molten lava and ash.

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Galapagos fur seal

Where does the Galapagos Fur Seal Hide?

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Overshadowed by the numerous sea lions lying on benches, across paths and seemingly anywhere the sun touches, the Galapagos fur seal often receives very little attention from visitors to the Galapagos. However, the numbers of the two populations are surprisingly quite similar – the difference is that while the sea lion prefers sunny beaches, the fur seal sticks to rocky, shady coastlines (largely on Isabela and Fernandina islands) where tourists are less likely to visit. This difference is due to the signature distinction between the two strikingly related species: their coats.

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Life-changing vacation

Life-Changing Vacations: The Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands is one of those destinations placed in almost everyone’s bucket list.  Perhaps, what stands out the most is that it is a holiday that will transform your life…and there are many reasons for it.  The natural beauty, the landscapes, the intimate contact with wildlife and the educational value of visiting a destination found nowhere else on Earth and explored exclusively by few thousands of visitors a year. Read more about Life-Changing vacation in Galapagos Islands.

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History of Galapagos

Brief History of the Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos is a cluster of volcanic islands sitting astride the equator approximately 559 miles west of South America. Situated at the Galapagos Triple Junction, the islands were formed by the tectonic shifts in the Nazca Plate. While older islands have disappeared, newer landmasses like Fernandina and Isabela are still being formed. A province of Ecuador, they have a population of slightly more than 25,000 inhabitants. Made famous by Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle, the Galapagos are a popular bucket list destination with a rich history that has been woven into science, literature and the movies.

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Weather when visiting the Galapagos Islands

What to Expect with the Weather When Visiting the Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands are known for their unique species and landscapes, and that uniqueness extends to the weather. Unlike what most travelers believe, this tropical destination offer two markedly different seasons, and understanding their attributes will generate perfect satisfaction on the chosen trip. This equatorial paradise can be visited all-year round. Read more to learn about the weather when visiting the Galapagos Islands.

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