August 2017

Galapagos Beaches: Eye Candy for the Colour Hungry  

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The Galapagos Islands are around 12 to 15 million years old. A relatively young age in a geological sense. Throughout these millions of years, flora and fauna found a way to thrive in this otherwise harsh environment. Even though 15 million years is considered “young” in geological terms, it was certainly enough time for the islands to shape themselves into what they are today – one of the most pristine, unchanged and unaffected natural environments in the world. Behaviours evolved, vegetation found a niche and beaches took their sweet time in becoming a part of the landscape.

But beaches don’t happen overnight. These actually depend on the movement of the sea, erosion, and sometimes even on local fauna to come about. Sandy beaches have two origins: organic and inorganic. The way these two origins affect the physical characteristics of the sand allows for nature to flaunt some of its most astonishing colour palettes. Green, red, white or black, the Galapagos are home to a rainbow of beaches that will certainly capture your gaze. To be able to admire these stunning and sometimes distant visitor sites, an exploration aboard a Galapagos Yacht is the way to do it. So hop aboard one of the islands’ most exclusive vessels and get ready to soak your feet into some of the most beautiful Galapagos beaches.

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Galapagos sea lion pup

Galapagos Sea Lion Pupping Season Begins!

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August is starting and, in the Galapagos, wildlife goes on uninterrupted. Such is the case with Galapagos sea lions that are seen throughout the archipelago all year long. This member of our Big15 list of iconic species (not to mention a definitive favourite by both locals and visitors) is probably one of the most photogenic animals in the archipelago. However, it’s probably Galapagos sea lion pups that take the prize for being the cutest animal in the Galapagos. Tiny, furry bodies, big innocent eyes and playful dispositions will steal your heart and occupy most of your Galapagos photo album. Before boarding the magical La Pinta Yacht, read on to learn more about this beautiful animal during pupping season. And try not to melt when you run into one. But beware, we can’t guarantee that you won’t.

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